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The Power of Color

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The Power of Color

Colors have been recognized for centuries as having profound effects on our physical, emotional and spiritual body. For example, Chromatherapy – healing through colors – was used by Hippocrates, the Father of Western medicine, who painted his treatment rooms in healing hues and used colored ointments and salves as remedies.

The colors we surround ourselves with can help stimulate, relax, weaken or empower us. The results of using the wrong color can be: loss of sales, anger (red), headaches (bright white), loss of sexual libido (blue) and even increased sweet tooth cravings (pink).

Think of the common expressions ‘seeing red’, ‘feeling blue’ and ‘green eyed monster, which assign emotion to color. Few of us feel neutral about a particular color, especially if it is a strong color.

When we pick a color scheme for our bedroom – this includes for our walls, furnishings and accessories – it is very important to choose colors that optimize sleep and wellness and decrease stress and unrest.

However, don’t misinterpret this advice as ‘one color fits all’. It is equally important to pick a color scheme that complements – versus ‘fights’ – our personality and individualism!

- Associated with:Calm, innocence, purity and death (in Asian cultures).
- Attributes:It’s clean, modern and precise.
- Used for:White stimulates the feeling of sterility and expansiveness.
-Bedroom tip:If you’re painting your bedroom bright white because you think white is safe, think again! Pure white reflects all colors, causing eye strain and headaches.
- Did you know?Most airplanes are white – people would be nervous in black ones because black is associated with bad luck, night, evil and death.

Yellow (matching essence – cinnamon)
- Associated with:Optimism, sunshine, futuristic and newness.
- Attributes:It’s happy, cheerful and the warmest color.
- Used for:Yellow is the fastest visible light wave and the first color our eyes see. This is why yellow is used for trucks, school buses and street warning signs. When yellow is combined with black it is associated with ‘caution!’; some of the most dangerous creatures in nature are in this color scheme.
- Bedroom tip:Pregnant and can’t decide which color to paint the nursery? Steer clear of yellow as babies tend to cry more in yellow rooms.
- Did you know?People talk more in a yellow room, so this color is perfect for counselling offices and conference rooms.

Orange (matching essential oil – gardenia)
- Associated with:Adventure, affordability, extroversion and celebration.
- Attributes:It’s in your face, vibrant and fun.
- Used for:Orange stimulates our appetite, which is why it’s used in fast food restaurants (if you are watching your weight you might consider painting your dining room in green, a color associated with health and harmony).
- Bedroom tip:Living in a bachelor apartment and want your digs designed for socializing and play? Then paint it orange and bring in the essence of gardenia. Now let the party begin!
- Did you know?Orange affects the reproductive organs and is associated with sexuality, self-confidence and enthusiasm.

Red (matching essential oil – cedar)

- Associated with:Fire, blood, competition and violence.
- Attributes:It’s sexy, passionate and dynamic.
- Used for:Red is the longest visible light wave. It stimulates our adrenal glands, which are associated with survival instincts.
- Bedroom tip:Red bedrooms are good for one thing… and it’s not sleep! If you want to add a little passion in your life, paint your room in sage green and replace your bedding with a brown-based red comforter. However, if you are a procrastinator or in a sluggish time of your life, paint your room red and bring in the essence of cedar and get ready to take off!
- Did you know?People who drive red cars attract more tickets than those who drive blue.

Violet (matching essential oil – sandalwood)
- Associated with:Spirituality, royalty, creativity and physic awareness.
- Attributes:It’s mysterious, intuitive and intriguing.
- Used for:Violet is the shortest visible light wavelength; it stimulates our creativity and intuitive thought. Violet is especially helpful in the bedroom because it affects the pineal gland, which produces melatonin. Melatonin regulates our ‘body clock’ (or circadian rhythm) and promotes anti-aging.
- Bedroom tip:Desiring an environment for blissful meditation? Create your sacred space in hues of violet and bring in the essence of sandalwood; they will calm your anxious nerves and allow you to connect with a higher source.
- Did you know?Back in Elizabethan times, purple clothing provided information about the social status of the individual. As such, English law dictated who could and couldn’t wear purple!

Blue (matching essential oil – rose)

- Associated with:Loyalty, sadness, protection and water.
- Attributes:It’s tranquil, calm and peaceful.
- Used for:Navy blue is the undisputed color authority of the Western world, so if you have an important meeting and aren’t sure whether to wear the black or blue suit, always reach for the blue one.
- Bedroom tip:Most people intuitively gravitate to the color blue for their bedrooms. Blue is conducive to restful sleep; it calms jittery nerves and lowers blood pressure.
- Did you know?35 percent of people consider blue to be their favorite color.

Green (matching essential oil – lavender)
- Associated with:Balance, environmental, envy and fertility.
- Attributes:It’s healing, fresh and restful.
- Used for:Green is Mother Nature’s most versatile color. It stimulates balance, harmony and stability in practically any situation.
- Bedroom tip:Stressed out and can’t sleep? Green interiors reduce stress and promote healing.
- Did you know?In China if someone dreams in green it is a sign they are going to have good fortune. However, this color also has many negative connotations – if a Chinese man wears a green hat, it means his wife is unfaithful.

Pink (matching essential oil – lavender)
- Associated with:Femininity, innocence, sweetness and love.
- Attributes:It’s romantic and simple with uncomplicated emotions.
- Used for:Pink stimulates our body to crave sugar, which is why pastry boxes are pink. So if you have a sweet tooth, don’t paint your kitchen pink!
- Bedroom tip:Pink is not the first color most adults think of when redecorating their bedrooms. Think again! Pink and burgundy are romantic. Paint your walls a light pink and replace your bedding with burgundy.
- Did you know?Pink reduces aggressive behaviors and physical strength, which is why prisons are painted in Baker Miller Pink.

- Associated with:Earth, harmony, stability, hearth and home.
- Attributes:It’s grounding, reliable and comfortable.
- Used for:Brown stimulates our connection to the Earth, making us feel safe.
- Bedroom tip:Browns – particularly dark browns – play well with most colors and are more soothing than black.
- Did you know?The Japanese do not have a specific word for ‘brown’. Rather, they use more descriptive names such as ‘tea-color’, ‘fox-color’ and ‘fallen-leaf’.


- Associated with:Sophistication, evil, power and death (in Western cultures).
- Attributes:It’s mysterious, elegant and sexy.
- Used for:Black is the ultimate power color. However, unlike blue, black is reserved and absorbs all colors, which is why it is rarely used in Chromatherapy practices.
- Bedroom tip:Black is an excellent color for accessories. It’s the classical color that adds demotion to virtually any color scheme.
- Did you know?Coco Chanel truly understood the power of a woman in the little black dress. This classical wardrobe staple still holds true today. It’s the first thing a woman reaches for when heading for a night out on the town.

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